Founded in 2006, Bawga Theiddhi is one of Myanmar’s largest conglomerates and a household name across the country cheap research paper .The Group’s diversified portfolio spans multiple lines of business, including hotels, food and beverage operations, healthcare facilities, Cineplex and international franchises. A homegrown organization with a stellar track record, Bawga Theiddhi currently boasts a dedicated and professional workforce of more than 500 employees. The Management Team comprises the Chairman and six directors, who are responsible for overseeing the operations of their respective business units.

Driven by innovation and a passion for excellence, Bawgi Theiddhi is constantly seeking new avenues of growth and profitability. To ensure a more sustainable future, the Group’s ongoing strategic expansion plan focuses on exploring new business opportunities to create fresh revenue streams. This is exemplified by our foray into the international franchise business, beginning with the launch of Global Art Myanmar in 2013, followed by PastaMania what is paper format in mla style Myanmar in 2016.