1  Pastamania by Root of Asia

Strong Franchise Footprint


The first PastaMania Myanmar outlet opened in the city of Yangon in 2016. It is incorporated for the purpose of brining in qualified and healthy food into our country, promoting the idea of getting people together as one with the good food at the good place and introducing and educating the consumers about the multi-culture around the world via Food & Beverage. Brought in by Root Of Asia Co. Ltd, part of the Bawga Theiddhi group, PastaMania is set to provide more exciting dining and hangout options for the Myanmar market. It has all the ingredients to be a favourite dining destination for families and friends, as well as trendy and modern executives, youths and tourists. PastaMania’s hot menu items include the Meat Lover Pizza, Chicken BBQ Pizza and Chicken Caesar Salad.

The PastaMania Difference


A unique “Dine in Italy” experience – the Italian Piazza concept. The store design of PastaMania draws inspiration from the concept of the Italian Piazza, a small city square where the hustle and bustle of public life takes place.

Customised Menu



Customers get to choose from a choice of five pasta types and more than 15 toppings for pizzas. More than 100 menu items are available, so orders can easily be customized to satisfy individual customer preferences.

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